BioDuro-Sundia Wins Life Sciences Review Top 10 BPO Award
Irvine, CA, April 3, 2023 – Life Sciences Review magazine recognizes BioDuro-Sundia as top 10 Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). BioDuro-Sundia earned this award for its high-quality serv
April 03, 2023
BioDuro-Sundia Announces Formation of Scientific Advisory Board
Irvine, CA, March 27, 2023 – BioDuro-Sundia announced today the establishment of a Discovery Research Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) with the appointment of Andrew Thomas Ph.D. and Zach Sweeney Ph.D. as its members. The SAB will advise BioDuro-Sundia as the company is growing its discovery capabilities and capacities.
March 27, 2023
BioDuro-Sundia Forms Strategic Partnership with Kanwhish
Shanghai, March 30, 2023 – To promote a long-term mutually beneficial strategic partnership, BioDuro-Sundia recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Suzhou Kanwhish Biotechnology Co., Ltd.BioDuro-Sundia is the ind
March 20, 2023
BioDuro-Sundia Expands Drug Discovery Capacity and Capability
Shanghai, February 13, 2023 – BioDuro-Sundia has recently completed Discovery capability expansions of more than 100K ft2 of laboratory space within three different R&D Centers (Shanghai Waigaoqia
February 13, 2023
Congratulations to NanoRay Biotech for its anticancer therapy approved by the US FDA for Clinical Trial
Shanghai, September 29, 2022 – Congratulations to NanoRay Biotech Co., Ltd.’s [Auger Molecular Therapy], which has been approved by the US FDA for Clinical Trial.
September 29, 2022
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Large Molecule Bioanalysis Services
BioDuro-Sundia’s large molecule bioanalysis DMPK/ADME platform provides representative research services to a variety of molecular modalities including mAbs, ADC, oligonucleotides, large or small molecule biomarkers or metabolites, proteins and peptides.
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